Curing Blindness: The Road To Treatment With LUXTURNA™

This is the first in a series following the progress of Creed Pettit, a 9-year-old Florida third-grader, who is a candidate for the breakthrough gene-therapy drug called LUXTURNA™, approved as [...]

CT Rare Disease Day: Patients Must Be Advocates

On Rare Disease Day – Wednesday, February 28 – doctors, researchers, advocates, patients, caregivers, industry representatives and legislators will come together in Connecticut and around the [...]

#KnowYourGene: AGTC Working On Multiple IRD Treatments

Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (AGTC), a clinical stage biotech company that focuses on rare inherited retinal diseases (IRDs), develops therapies that replace “broken” genes with [...]

First, Diagnosis. Then, Genetic Testing. It’s Important.

My Retina Tracker is a free and secure online registry launched by the Foundation Fighting Blindness that helps connect families dealing with rare inherited retinal diseases to feel less alone, [...]

Living with LCA: Brandon Biggs

Brandon Biggs was diagnosed with vision loss — and ultimately with Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) — as a toddler. His genetic mutation is LCA-CRB1, which can cause LCA, retinitis pigmentosa [...]

Being Married to Brandon: “A Precious Exercise of Mindfulness”

By Claudia Zaghi-Biggs When I met Brandon in September 2014, I thought that I was talking to the most interesting person I had ever met. Not only was he the first American I had ever talked to, [...]

Atom Biggs: ‘The Greatest Adventure of My Life”

By Atom Biggs Raising a blind son has been one of the most exciting and inspiring experiences a dad can ever have. I’d like to tell you a little about our son, Brandon. As a baby he had some [...]

Sonja Biggs: “My Normal and His Normal Are Just Different”

Brandon Biggs is the chief financial officer with his mother Sonja in their company, he conducts accessibility research and he helps businesses make their software content more accessible to the [...]

Making Connections: Nightstar Therapeutics

I was so happy to recently speak with Samantha Vieira, Senior Director of Program Management of Nightstar Therapeutics. Nightstar is a leading clinical-stage gene therapy company focused on [...]

Living with LCA: Life Through Vicky’s Eyes

Preschooler Vittoria shrieks with delight as she bounds down the cobblestone way, toward the big statue of the angel riding a chariot. Later we see the almost-4-year-old, nicknamed Vicky, tossing [...]

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