A clinical trial is an opportunity to participate in medical research that might find a cure for blindness. Companies doing cutting edge research often need to work with people who have specific genes in order to test new approaches and treatments.

Sometimes they are doing research with families before even starting a trial. You might be asked to participate in a research study or discussion panel to share your experiences and offer your opinions. Your participation helps to move forward cures and treatments!

If you participate in a clinical trial, be sure it is a reputable one, sanctioned by the FDA and strictly supervised by professional researchers who put your health and privacy first. Being registered, and staying connected through support groups, will help you determine if a trial is right for you.

Not every trial is appropriate for every person, but if you stay on top of new developments you might find some that are suitable for your child.

Below we’ve set up pre-populated search links to current trials that we think are relevant to LCA and IRD families.

Or visit the home page on ClinicalTrials.gov and do your own search!